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PaperMonster’s Favorite Things December

December 18, 2009
I recently received an email that basically said “Ay PaperMonster. Where the hell are your favorite things for December?” In the chaos of Art Basel photos I completely forgot to post my favorite things for this month and now here they are right in the middle of all this holiday celebration. First I have the videogame Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (HERE). If you follow me on Twitter (HERE) you know that I have been watching gameplay videos of this game and I am blown away. It has won several Game Of The Year awards and it deserves it. Catch a clip of the gameplay below. You will not regret playing full price for this game with everything you get in return. Following Uncharted 2 we have the Clipse new album “Til The Casket Drops.” I have been anticipating this album and could not be happier with it. There are so many tracks that just blow your mind in terms of quality music. Check out some of my favorite tracks from the album below and don’t forget to check out the album artwork by Kaws. Right After the clipse we have the cheapest gift you can get your loved one.The Pencil Crossbow (HERE) !! All you need is a couple of pencils and rubber bands and you can make your very own functional crossbow. Lastly we have the gift that keeps on giving.: HD video of Iron Man 2 (HERE). Can’t wait until May 7th. Hope you enjoyed my favorite things for December. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Clipse: Showin Out Track #4
Clipse: Popular Demand Feat Cam’ron Track #2
For more info on how to build your own pencil crossbow visit: