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March 22, 2010
PaperMonster has joined (HERE) as a contributor covering all things related to stickers including artists profiles, street shots, sticker collaborations and much more. If you are interested in urban art sticker culture this is a site to keep your eyes on.Other contributing artists include Billi Kid, Biafra, Bomit, Busart, Case, Crimson Cisa, Ekser, Endless Canvas, Evil Design, Evoker, Faro, Mad One, Monsta, Newmind, NoseGo, Omino 71, Onevis, Robots Will Kill, Rombos, Skam, Visual Narcotics, and many more. If you would like to be featured on check out below for contact info.
For Submissions to feel free to contact PaperMonster or StreetArtStickers at the following email contact:



Opening Photos: Brooklynite Gallery “Go Get Your Shinebox”

November 23, 2009
This past Saturday I headed over to the opening of Brooklynite Gallery’s Go Get Your Shinebox group show. The show was fantastic and it was great to see and meet so many people that I have immense respect for including: Meggs (HERE), Aiko (HERE) , Luna Park (HERE), Shai Dahan (from Abztract ) and other amazing friends that passed by for the show. The night was electric with energy and the participating artists in the show brought some quality work out for the crowd to see and even interact with. My specific shinebox dealt with a Mask Shop and playing with themes of dual identities, mystery, and our dreams of becoming something more than who or what we are today. I also had the opportunity to work on another one of my “Black Holes” along the back walls of the gallery along with artists such as Dain, Specter, Dada, Peru Ana, Billi Kid, Kozbe and Chris Mendoza. Overall I had a blast and it is a great show to end November right before heading out to Miami for Art Basel next week. Catch images of the entire opening below and stay posted for more photos later this week.
For more info on Brooklynite Gallery and the Shineboxes Visit:

PaperMonster working on another “Black Hole”
Dain, Dada, PaperMonster, Specter, and Peru Ana

Far right: Specter wheatpaste
Dain, Dada, PaperMonster

Saddo, Ema
Ame 72

Peru Ana

Thundercut, Ryca and Collin Van Der SluijsAbove: Peru Ana, Gaia, Miss Buggs, Know Hope, 3TTMan, Ana Schwartz, Medo, Marvin Crushler, Lime and more
Various & Gould & Kuuk, PaperMonster, Least Wanted
Various & Gould, PaperMonster, Least Wanted
PaperMonster and Aiko


PaperMonster and Ren
Chris Mendoza painting
Amazing Crowd! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Meggs and PaperMonster. For more on Meggs visit:

Chris Mendoza
Lara, Jess, and Ren
PaperMonster, Lara, Jess, and Ren

PaperMonster shinebox

Penny, Billi Kid, Saddo, Ema, Ame72, Broken Crow, Rae, Anthony Lister, Ben Frost, Ajuma Walker


“Go Get Your Shinebox” Group Show @ Brooklynite Gallery November 21st feat PaperMonster

November 16, 2009
On November 21st Brooklynite Gallery (HERE) will open “Go Get Your Shinebox”. This group show will feature over 100 works from artists all looking to answer the question of how to survive in these economic times by creating their own interpretation of a “Survival Box.” Brooklynite Gallery has commissioned some of their favorite established and emerging artist to take on this challenge and the responses are breathtaking. Artists such as Dain, Miss Bugs, PaperMonster, Anthony Lister, Ben Eine, Jace, Thundercut, Skewville, Ben Frost, Jon Burgerman, Specter, Billi Kid, Know Hope, Kosbe, Gaia, Broken Crow, Hush, and many more have all created a one of a kind box, each taking the concept of the show one step further. Below catch a great video put together by the gallery showcasing some of the boxes as well as images of PaperMonster’s shoeshine box which will be featured in the show. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to see so much talent in one location. For more information and the entire lists of participating visit the Brooklynite Gallery’s Site:

Featuring Over 100 Artists
Trying to Survive in This Economy
November 21 – December 19

A or C Subway to UTICA AVE.

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