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ROJO Magazine (Barcelona) “Pure Solid True” Issue featuring PaperMonster

June 16, 2009
A great package just arrive at my door.The latest issue from ROJO Magazine titled “Pure Solid Time.” This new magazine from ROJO is very well done. As you can see below the magazine is thick with 250 pages and features exclusive artwork from very talented artists. You can find PaperMonster in over 6 pages of the magazine. I don’t want to spoil the experience but you can catch some quick images of some of the pages from the magazine below. The latest issue has just been fully released to the public and you can purchase it at the following::
or learn more about ROJO Magazine over at::
for more details.

Rojo Magazine: Pure Solid True

Andrew McAttee and Jose Parla
PaperMonster and Jeff Soto
It was truly an honor to be featured next to Jeff Soto and his work is mind blowing in this magazine.
Chamarelli and James Gauvreau and Anna Pantchev