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March 28, 2015

10 Years. Nothing is promised. Throughout my life I have had incredible amounts of support. People who have taken a risk and believed in me. There are times where I look back and can’t thank people enough for how they have helped me develop as an artist. Galleries like Art Whino @artwhino Dirty Pilot @dirtypilotcom Parlor Gallery @parlorgallery and Metropolis Gallery @angelomadrigale opened so many wonderful doors and helped me mature as an artist. Every show I have I personally hand out stickers with my art work on them. I’ve had people throw out the stickers into the trash right in front of my face. You focus on the good. Hope that you will inspire. Some of the most meaningful emails I have received have been from teachers who use my paintings to teach their students about art. To all of you that have and continue to support me THANK YOU with all my heart!! #PaperMonster #stencil #stencils #stencilart #stencilart #streetartists #stencilgraffiti #streetartcollage #stencilrevolution #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiworld #art #artlife #artshow #artwhino #dirtypilot #parlorgallery #gallery #galleryshow #drawing #urbanart #urbancanvas #drawing #spraycan #spraypaint #canvas


Feb Updates!!

February 11, 2008
January was a wild month. The show at Art Whino was fantastic and it was great meeting a ton of people. They have posted the online store w/ 4 paintings that are still up for sale. You can check them out here ( Click on Store and then on the name PaperMonster. There are a lot of exciting projects in the works; new clothing and other products with some amazing designs, shows, magazines, fashion shoots, and new videos!!! March and April are looking to be stacked months with several projects in progress. Here is a preview of several new stencils both of women and backgrounds. Stay tuned for more news!!
To Purchase Works Visit:

Russell over at (link) posted the gallery opening video on his updated site!! You should check his site out. He is truly dedicated and is a man of great knowledge.

New pieces in progress.