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Call For Artists Submission: “For The Love Of Art” Book

June 3, 2009

I am currently compiling images and stories for an art book. Here is the information below::::

“For The Love Of Art” Book Open Call For Submissions

Title: For The Love Of Art Book


Deadline: September 2009


Through art history there are few books that document and capture the relationships that are built through art, how art has an impact on your life and influences others throughout the world. “For The Love Of Art” book will be an art book putting together short stories/moments and images from artists all over the world capturing how art has had an impact on your life whether it has built relationships, sparked marriage proposals, or long lasting friendships.

There is no single source that has brought these stories from artists/collective images/profiles together from people involved in urban art, photography, contemporary art or companies/individuals avid about sharing their passion for what they create and produce.  I hope that you are interested in taking part in “For The Love Of Art Book” and I am sure that it will be a publication that will capture art history in a very powerful way. If you are interested in contributing to the book and receiving further instructions please reply visit the following link to download the “Submission Instructions” here::::

Thank you