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Photo Explosion Part 1: G40 Art Summit

March 15, 2010
Below you can catch the first batch of photos from the G40 Art Summit curated by Art Whino Gallery. The summit had a massive amount of impressive art, installations, murals, live painting, and amazing times. I have done my best to capture some of my personal favorites and highlights from G40. Stay posted for the second batch of photos later on in the week. If you have any questions or would like more info on any of the artists please visit: or email me PaperMonster at PaperMonster hand brush! PaperMonster collage detail. Joe Iurato talented stencil artist. TMNK Gaia Gaia Gaia Love these pieces which you need a camera phone or camera viewfinder to see the painting with higher definition. Very unique concept. Gigi Bio Loved these pieces by Casey Weldon (what an awesome last name) SUEWORKS and Herm Casey Weldon Casey Weldon Frame (7th Letter) NACHO PaperMonster New York Floor Morten Andersen Jaw dropping installation by Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman Incredible talent Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman and PaperMonster Owen Beckmann Emma Overman Emma Overman
ANKOBrandi Read Angry Woebots and Remi Mead collaboration Stencil Artists John Koleszar Arabella Great instal from Daryll Peirce Jim Darling instal from floor to ceiling. Super skilled right there. Josh Taylor Paul Chatem Beautiful pieces by Munk One Jophen Stein Angry Woebots Angry Woebots Angry Woebots Kelly Castillo Justin Lovato Jessica Van Brakle Scott Brooks PaperMonster PaperMonster PaperMonster interviewing Stay posted for Part 2 of the photo explosion!! Enjoy PaperMonster

Ripple: Art Affecting Oceans Show (Art Whino Gallery) feat. PaperMonster

June 20, 2008
There is an exciting and powerful show taking place at Art Whino Gallery:: June 21st 12pm-12am. It is a show celebrating International Surfing Day and it is titled (Ripple: Art Affecting Oceans) The gallery also continues to exhibit some of the fantastic artist part of the Art Whino Family including PaperMonster. There is a wonderful piece for sale/show at the gallery incorporating the water theme. Check out a photo below:::::: Enjoy
Info via Art Whino::::
National Harbor, MD, Art Whino ( announces: Ripple: Art Affecting Oceans. Ripple will be an all day event kicking off at noon with live music, live painting by artist Erik Abel, and children’s and adult craft and environmental awareness activities. Activities and entertainment will be FREE and run until 5pm. Check out the flyer below:::

“City Water/Punch” ($350)

The immediate image that popped up into my mind was when thinking of water was this mix between commercialization of basic needs and the urge/addiction for creating. I really like the piece and you can check it out on display. For purchase info contact:


P.S. A very exciting post coming by this weekend with some sly previews of some work.