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And The Photos Keep On Coming: Art Basel 2009 Miami

December 30, 2009
It has been several weeks since Art Basel Miami 2009 closed its doors and more and more photos are starting to surface from all of the wonderful events. JoKa (HERE) sent over a great batch of photos and I picked some of my personal favorites. Also, Art Whino Gallery posted a ton of photos from Art Basel as well as some short video clips of the week’s action. You can catch new photos and videos below:
Visit JoKa’s PhotoSet (HERE)
Visit Art Whino Gallery’s Set (HERE)

PaperMonster using his hand as a brush.

Adam Russell, Morten Andersen, and PaperMonster during the live paintings event.

Group Photos!!

Who do you know that has a guy playing with flames inside a gallery?

Paper Monster


Photos: Art Whino Gallery Exhibition @ Art Basel Miami 2009 feat PaperMonster

December 16, 2009
Below you can find my final batch of photos from this year’s Art Basel Miami 2009. One of the biggest events that I had the pleasure to taking part in was Art Whino Gallery’s exhibition. Art Whino took over an entire location, creating a gigantic gallery setting with floating walls from the ceiling and the gallery even had its own bar, kitchen and pool. The quality of art was extremely high and many of the artists participating in the show were there to share their work with fans and the amazing crowds that stopped by the gallery. You can catch photos of the entire exhibition below.
Driving through Miami before the Art Whino Gallery Exhibition
(Right) PaperMonster Painting
A pool… next to a bar… in a galllery…insane
Love the set-up of hanging walls fromm the building’s supporting beams. Beautiful.

Brandi Read, JoKa, Scott G. Brooks

Shane (Art Whino), PaperMonster, JoKa, Sunny, and Dave Lowell

Pieces from the live painting event the previous night.

The art speaks for itself. Click on the images to view larger.
So many talented artists to list.

Shane (Art Whino) and Clara from Utrecht with PaperMonster T-Shirts. Great crowds!!

PaperMonster on the red carpet
Great installations all around the gallery.

JoKa and PaperMonster. JoKa paints using toothpicks instead of a brush or any other tool. Very talented artists.

The quality of art work was overwhelming.

 Best artists group photo from the closing party!!

When you have someone playing with fire insde a gallery you know the night must have been crazy.
Sunny, JoKa and Dave Lowell
Paper Monster, Sunny and JoKa

JoKa.. I don’t even know what emotion this is.

Off to the hotel for the rest of the night

Flying out of Miami after a great time making some new friends and having a blast. Thanks to everyone who came to the events and all of the amazing support!!

Thank you, Paper Monster


December 14, 2009
Before posting pictures of Art Whino Gallery’s main exhibition during Art Basel 2009 I wanted to share some of the highlights from several of my favorite art fairs, exhibitions, and events. Below you will see pictures from Stages, the Scope art fair, the Aqua art fair and finally Buff Monster and Tara McPherson’s live painting session in Miami. There was such a high quality of art at so many locations that it was a dream come true to see it in person.
Catch more images below.
Os Gemeos painting. This painting has not received much attention but it is one of my favorites of the entire show.
Dzine’s beautiful bike. You can’t tell in the picture but the bike is on top of glass which has been broken due to all of the people trying to get a deeper look into the detail of the bike.
First real Kaws painting I have had the pleasure of viewing in person. Extremely sharp.
Off to Scope art fair
As soon as you walk into both Scope and Aqua you are greated by Aj Fozik’s work.

Jeff Soto water colors. Very nice details and colors in these small pieces.
This women is not checking out trash but a sound/beat installation by David Ellis.
Loved Nunca’s piece at the Carmichael Gallery booth.
Two personal favorites of the entire fair. Doze Green above and Calma’s piece below.
Click on the image to view larger.

Kids were going crazy over this. The mold has a projected face that makes you feel like you are actually staring at a real person. Very good concept.
Tes One mural.
Off to Aqua art fair.
Love the quality of work at the Thinkspace booth

2nd Aj Fozik’s piece greating people as they walk into Aqua
Nice to see two of Megg’s pieces at the fair. Super talented and just overall well rounded artist.
After Aqua it was time to grab some nacho’s with Joka and hang out until Buff Monster and Tara McPherson got to work on their live painting collaboration.
They both worked so well together and you could tell that there was such a high level of comfort between them. They deserve all of the success and much more to come.

Black Holes: Art Basel 2009 Miami

December 11, 2009
While in Miami during Art Basel 2009, I had the opportunity to do some new outdoor “Black Holes” which I have been wanting to do more of for quite some time now. During the process this club owner across from the street we were painting came out and said “You guys are finally painting here. Thank god. ” That felt nice to hear. Catch more photos below of PaperMonster, Scotch, Demer, Rain, Tara McPherson, and Gaia all on the streets of Miami.
Black Holes

Tara McPherson and PaperMonster stickers hitting the streets.
Demer and Rain
Scotch and PaperMonster
Crap and Gaia
Gaia in progress shot.

Photos: Live Painting @ Art Basel 2009 at Urbanite Bistro

December 9, 2009
As soon as we landed in Miami we headed over to get all of the painting supplies for the live painting session at Urbanite Bistro as part of Art Whino Gallery’s exhibition schedule at Art Basel. The Miami heat was on full blast and it was time to get to work. It was my first time meeting some of the artists including stencil artists Dave Lowell and it was nice to see some good friends there like Adam Russell, Leon Rainbow, Demer, and even Joka from Philadelphia was there to check out the painting session. The day ended with a huge party at Urbanite Bistro with all of the finished live paintings on display. Check out more images below of the entire day. Enjoy

Live painting artists banner and list.
Dave Lowell (Left), PaperMonster (Center) and Adam Russell (Right)
PaperMonster live painting.

Finished live painting by PaperMonster

Art Whino Artists

Dave Lowell
Leon Rainbow
PaperMonster Live Painting Detail

Party at Urbanite Bistro showcasing finished live paintings

(Left to right) PaperMonster, Joka, Dave Lowell, and Sunny