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Liz Claiborne x PaperMonster ????

June 30, 2009
This just blew my face open. I just ran into a wonderful post by Grant for his site HERE (LINK) of a fashion critique on an ad for Liz Caiborne which also happens to feature a PaperMonster signature tag on a wall above the designer Issac Mizrahi. Why did they keep that there? and why was it not photoshopped out? A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the images below.
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This is an ad at my train station in Connecticut. It ‘s for Liz Claiborne and it features Issac Mizrahi. Notice the man in a green scarf sitting on the bench. On closer scrutiny, this proves to be Monsieur Mizrahi himself, lost in thought, putting in this carefully managed appearance, a little in the manner of the master Alfred Hitchcock in his early days.
It’s a wonderful piece of advertising. It has a certain emotional tonality that distinguishes it from most of the fashion advertising I’ve ever seen. It has a narrative verve, doesn’t it?
But of course the semantics of the narrative have been withheld from us. So the fun of the ad is figuring out what’s up. There are three dyads. The two women to the left are having a great conversation. About what? The two women in the middle: are they together? Probably not. The two women to the right: mother and child? Surely. That leaves the model who as a contemporary model is looking not quite of this world.
And Mizrahi himself. Reading. What? Why? What is he doing here? It’s a little like a celebrity appearance, a cameo. The ad is equal parts naturalism and evident artifice. Perhaps Mizrahi should be understood as a kind of muse: the designer who attends every public showing of his art. Notice that on this instance of the ad there is graffiti that (probably) reads, “Paper Monster.” …………… Continued HERE
Liz Claiborne Ad Featuring Issac Mizrahi