PaperMonster is on Patreon!!

February 25, 2016

 I am excited to share that PaperMonster has joined Patreon. Patreon is a site where you can become a patron and donate monthly to support your favorite artists. This money goes towards specific goals and projects artists set out by artists. You can help PaperMonster reach specific milestone that will help me be able to control and create a wide range of projects including new prints, stickers, scarves and more!! The best part????!!! Patrons get first access to exclusive giveaways, PaperMonster products, photos, tutorials and videos. You can check out the page over at: https://www.patreon.com/PaperMonster

Scroll down to see some of my GOALS!!

Click on Image to Visit Patreon

Goal $100 Per Month: PaperMonster PostcardsWith you support I will be able to create postcards based on some of your favorite PaperMonster designs. These have never been created and are completely new!!

Goal $200 Per Month: New PaperMonster Stickers
Once we hit this goal I will have enough funds to create a brand new set of PaperMonster stickers!! These will be normal and clear vinyl stickers. As a token of appreciation all Patreon patrons will receive the new sticker pack to slap on any surface inside or outside!!

Goal $500 Per Month: PaperMonster Print Release
Over the years I have only been able to release 3 prints. I have been looking for a way to produce a new series of prints based off my drawings and stencil art pieces. They will range from giclee and layered screen printed releases in a variety of sizes. Patreon patrons will have a first look at the prints and the printing process. I am so excited to be able to create more prints and share my work with all of you!!

Goal $750 Per Month: PaperMonster Pins and Air Fresheners
So this is a completely new challenge. Hitting this goal means that I will be able to start creating PaperMonster diecast pins and other interesting products like air fresheners using some of my drawings and stencil art designs. Super excited to see how these turn out!!

Goal $1,000 Per Month: PaperMonster Skate Deck
I love skateboards, snowboards and wakeboards!! With your support I hope to create a new set of skate decks to be produced and released to the public. I will also create one custom deck fully hand painted and given away exclusively to one lucky patron. Thank you for all of your support and reaching this goal!!

Goal $1,500 Per Month: PaperMonster Scarves
This is going to be huge!! I love clothing and have created several PaperMonster t-shirts across the years. I want to create and release a set of PaperMonster scarves. You can see a concept of one the first designs below.

Goal $2000 Per Month: PaperMonster Umbrellas!!
Several years ago I was able to collaborate with Choke to release a custom PaperMonster umbrella. It turned out beautiful!! I am excited to be able to create a new set of umbrellas and release them to the public!!

Enjoy and Thank Your for all of your support!!


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