January 1, 2016

This year I want to start a new project on Instagram. For years when I was starting to make stencils I had no money to travel to shows, collect art or be actively involved in the art world. I did collect one thing…Inspiration. Between 2005-2007 I collected over 2000 photos from the Internet and any other source I could. I stored them all in one folder. Today I will begin sharing photos that helped motivate me and made me begin to fall in love with street art and what many know now as the current art world’s top artists. I apologize in advance for not knowing the exact source of each photo. I will do my best to give credit to the photographers and artists featured. Thank you and Enjoy!! #PaperMonster #thelondonpolice #obey #obeygiant #galo #streetart #stencil #stencilart #stencilgraffiti #graffiti #graffitiart #urbanart

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