PaperMonster : The Archangel

December 14, 2015

About a year back I was tasked with creating a commissioned art piece based on a statue located at Pennsylvania’s 30th Street Station.  Via WIKIPEDIA: “The bronze sculpture, Angel of the Resurrection, that portrays Michael the Archangel raising up a dead soldier out of the “flames of war,” set upon a tall, black-granite base. The statue was created as a memorial for the 1,307 Pennsylvania Railroad employees who died in World War II.”

The statue itself is massive and the archangel has these gigantic sweeping wings that were incredibly difficult to capture in stencil form. You can catch some photos of the piece below and compare it to the original statue in all its massive scale and glory.




Click on Image to View Larger


Click on Image to View Larger


Click on Image to View Larger


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