PaperMonster : Stencil Art Tutorial “The Evolution of a Painting”

December 8, 2015

 I wanted to share another quick tutorial. It is about the evolution of a painting. As the years pass and we create new paintings we begin to develop a particular style. We all have millions of ideas running through our minds yet we lack the skills to execute or we execute something that doesn’t quite live to the image or idea we have in our heads.

I never give up on a concept or idea. Below is an example of how an idea develops over time and how you can always come back to refine  and realize concepts.  I hope you enjoy. Stay posted for more art tutorials.




 My original idea for the painting above was of a woman playing with makeup. I wanted the eyes to be the center point and asked my friend Courtnie to pose for the painting. She sent me the reference photos and then I began to work on the painting. The final product is what you see above. At the time with the skills that I had developed it felt perfect.

If you read my previous stencil art tutorial you can see that many of the bridges around the eyes and hands were never closed and she has no hair.

Stencil Art Tutorial: https://papermonster.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/papermonster-stencil-art-tutorial/

At that moment in time I did not know what I know now and could not develop the canvas any further. Although it didn’t 100% fit my original idea I was proud and happy with what I had created.


 After several years I wanted to go back to that original concept. Over time I had developed my skills cutting stencils, creating eyes and developing the background of each canvas better. You can clearly see the progress of the painting and the growth from one piece to the next. Below is my most recent revisiting of that same original concept.


Above you can see the original concepts final form. Almost 3-4 years apart from that very first piece!! How you evolve as an artist is crucial. It is what art is all about. Take risk and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Never be afraid to revisit an old idea and take it to another level. Push forward but also don’t be afraid to take a step back.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial. Stay posted for more!!




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