PaperMonster Stencil Art Tutorial

November 30, 2015

Below is a quick and simple tutorial on how to make a stencil and develop a painting. Leave a comment below if you would like to see more or with any questions!!





The first and most crucial step is really to start with a good drawing. If it looks great as just black and white then you are in great shape. Above is my original working image of a mask with some cool patterns. Usually I use poster paper from your local Staples or even small sheets of paper a little bit thicker than printer paper will work just fine.

Now you can see in the image above that if all of the parts that are black are cut out then the entire piece falls apart and you end up with huge holes for eyes. This is where the concept of “bridges” comes into play. I originally learned about creating these bridges from Blek le Rat while visiting him in Paris. He showed me that you can have these bridges in the stencil and once the piece was ready to be finished you could just cover the bridges by using spraypaint and a brush or even a cotton swap. You don’t need tons of money or materials to make a beautiful piece.


Above is a progress shot of some of the first cuts. For me I always begin with the eyes. If the eyes don’t look good then it is a waste to continue. Now take a look at the photo. You can see very small bridges created near the eyes that prevent it from falling apart.  Go slowly. Don’t be afraid to make too many bridges. They will go away in the final piece.


Here is that stencil developing some more. By the look of the blade you can see that this stencil is very small but it may be more helpful to start with a large stencil and not have to worry about making tiny cuts the first time around. The key is practice!!! PaperMonster-Mask2

Next is a huge jump. So above you see a final piece. I developed the background and added some pattern and texture with just simple paper and spraypaint. You can create your own style and play with different colors until you see something you like. For me it is always good to show friends and see their response. If it ugly you will see it in their eyes.

Speaking of eyes, look at the canvas. You can see that those bridges over the eyes have been covered up. This is quick and easy to do. You take an empty cup and spray inside of it with your can of spraypaint until it is watery. Take a small brush or cotton swab and complete the bridge. Make sure you use the same color and stay consistent. PaperMonster-MaskCanvas

Above and below are two other versions of the same stencil. You can make the stencil larger or smaller and play with the colors and patterns until you find something that fits. Once again, you don’t need expensive equipment or even expensive paint to make something beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial.Leave a comment and stay posted for more!!!



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