March 27, 2015

Day 7. In October 2006 the company running our school cafeteria wanted to make some changes in hope of renewing their multi-million dollar deal with the school. Immediately I had the idea of painting the 4 existing ugly grey panels that separated sections of the cafeteria. The catch…. I wanted to get paid one thousand dollars!! I put together the designs and met with the head honcho. I had some leverage since I was part of the committee that was evaluating their contract. He said yes and I immediately went to work alongside my friend Paul. I would eat and paint during lunch and dinner while students watched. I even designed a panel celebrating the work of Blek le Rat @blekleratoriginal using one of my favorite Blek stencils “Last Tango.” In a couple weeks I finished all of the panels. The food service company was never able to renew their contract with the school. October 2006. #PaperMonster #stencil #stencils #streetart #stencilart #streetartists #stencilgraffiti #graffiti #graffitiart #urbanart #urbancanvas #spraycan #spraypaint #art #artcollection #artshow #mural #muralist #nycart #nycstreetart #bleklerat #tango #eyes #pattern #hearts

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