March 23, 2015

Day 4. I mentioned in a previous post that the street art world is full of love stories. This is one. Blek met Sybille while in Berlin as she was his tour guide. He feel in love and placed this beautiful stencil on the street so that she would come across it on her way to work. He wrote next to the life-sized stencil “For Sybille”. It worked!! Later on they would marry and have a son!! Sybille is also an extremely talented writer and photographer. She has written several books on street art and stencil art covering a huge period of history. On the left is her book title “Pochoir” meaning stencil with the stencil Blek placed for her in Berlin. It was so wonderful to hear stories of Blek @blekleratoriginal pasting stencils across Paris and then Sybille would try to capture the pieces with her camera days later. Love is everywhere!! #lovestory #bleklerat #stencil #stencils #streetart #stencilart #stencilgraffiti #graffiti #graffitiart #urbanart #urbancanvas #spraypaint #pochoir #paint @realkoralie @realsupakitch @dabsmyla #streetart #streetartcollage #art #artcollection #artbook #paris #parisart #parisgraffiti

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