March 22, 2015

Day 3. There is one thing that I value most about being part of the street art world and that is knowing the history. Who painted what, where and how? There a so many stories in the “street art” world that are just passed on through experience. There are love stories and feuds all over one thing: art. This is a photo I took during the Wooster Collective street art tour in front of the famous candle building on Wooster Street. This building is now completed surrounded by apartment complexes and condos. The city continues to be transformed. With old spots being lost, new ones will sprout and new artists will make it their homes. Above is a classic @skullphone and @dface_official paste up. Spring 2005. Know your history!! #woostercollective #woosterstreet #streetart #streetartcollage #stencil #stencilgraffiti #stencilart #urbanart #graffiti #graffitiart #urbancanvas #spraypaint #soho #nycart #nycstreetart #art #drawing

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