March 22, 2015

Day 3. On the tour there were so many stand out street art pieces from giant NeckFace @nastyneckface1 to a massive Mike Giant @giantrebel8 mural. Here is @marcschil in front of a beautiful wall with @osgemeos @xabu @wk360 and a small @banksy rat right below the @osgemeos piece. That night someone has added the kite to the character. You could feel the conversation and level of interaction between the artists. Each one wanted to add and become part of something bigger. Many thanks to Marc and Sara for taking the time to share their love for street art. #woostercollective #stencil #stencils #streetart #spraypaint #streetartcollage #streetartcollection #graffiti #graffitiart #osgemeos #wkinteract #banksy #nycart #nycstreetart #art #urbancanvas #soho

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