March 20, 2015

Day 1. We all have a story and this is mine. In 2004 I started my first stencil and I was immediately hooked. Every day I would look and imagine how things could be turned into a stencil. Imagining lines and cuts that don’t exist. I would train my eyes to look at a car and imagine how to make that image into a simple stencil. It felt like seeing the world with a whole new set of eyes. When I started I was fascinated by animals. These were the first subjects that I wanted to make stencils of. My dad @padremonster got me my first exacto knife set and I used clear sheets from an overhead projector to make each small stencil. Later as PaperMonster I would combine animals with the faces of women to tell a new story. #PaperMonster #paint #penguin #stencil #streetart #stencilart #stencilgraffiti #streetartcollage #graffiti #graffitiart #urbanart #monkey #cutout #drawing #acrylic #spraypaint #exacto #canvas #art

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