SOLD OUT: Happy Holidays!!! From PaperMonster… Print Sale!!! SOLD OUT

December 9, 2010
Happy Holidays!!! I am excited to share this incredible sale of my “True Identity” for only $20!!! Yes!! $$20!! Go pick it up for yourself or as a perfect gift for your loved one. Follow the link below:
“True Identity”
18″ X 24″
5-color Screenprint
Limited Edition of 50
Signed and numbered by PaperMonster


  1. How is this not sold out yet? ? ? ?

    happy Holidays man. Can’t wait to see what you bring us for the new year.

  2. Hey PaperMonster! We can’t find your email address! Please contact iam8bit! Thanks!

  3. Hey I was wondering if there is any prints that are for sale. I came across Paper Monster and I fell in love at first site. Since I have found Paper Monster I have be searching to find a print. I love all of your work! Please let me know if there is someway I can get a print. Thanks!

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