Interview!! Los Angeles Times x Friends With Knives Curated By PaperMonster @ Crewest Gallery

August 10, 2010

The Friends With Knives stencil group show was recently featured in the Arts and Culture section of last week’s Los Angeles Times!! Alie Ward from the LATimes/BrandX and PaperMonster sat down to chat about putting together the group of artists for the Friends With Knives, the value of the stencil art movement, begining my PhD in Biology and much more. You can check out the entire interview online below!! Stay posted for photos from the opening reception at Crewest Gallery!!

Click on the link to view entire interview!!

Click on image to view larger!
Koleszar sent me this photo of the printed article in the LA Times published last week in the Art and Culture section!! More photos coming soon!! Thanks Koleszar!
Click on image to view site!
Via LATimes/Brand X
“There’s a fine line between what’s an eyesore and what’s really beautiful,” says PaperMonster. “There’s a line between writing on the street, with no purpose versus a very well thought-out message that people can connect with.”

“There’s a lot of work that goes into each stencil and each painting,” says PaperMonster, who notes that many compositions require more than a dozen different stencils and aerosol colors. “It deserves to have a proper space so people can observe it and spend time with it. In the street, the experience is very ephemeral.”

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