Juxtapoz Stencil Issue Initiative Please Re-Post!!

July 12, 2010
Welcome to my latest goal!!
I would LOVE to see Juxtapoz Magazine create a special Stencil Art Issue or Book!!
As PaperMonster I want nothing more than to continue to promote the use of stencils whether you are a stencil artists or just someone who wants to use stencils as tool in your paintings or home. I feel that there is no better time than today to document how artists all over the world are using stencils to share their messages or just create something beautiful. That is what has brought me to create this new goal to encourage Juxtapoz Magazine to create a Special Stencil Art Issue. In the past Juxtapoz has created special issues highlighting New York Graffiti, Street Art, and several other themes but never a Stencil Art Issue.
With your help hopefully we can make this a reality!!!
Send the following email to these Juxtapoz contacts:
editor@juxtapoz.com, evan@juxtapoz.com, jeremy@juxtapoz.com, erin@juxtapoz.com, william@juxtapoz.com
(copy/paste entire email list)

Subject: Juxtapoz Stencil Issue Initiative
(copy/paste into subject bar)

(copy/paste below into body of email) and SEND!!!

Hello Juxtapoz Magazine
I am writing because I support PaperMonster’s initiative to work towards a special Juxtapoz Magazine Stencil Art/Graffiti issue or book concept similar to previous special issues/books that you have released on graffiti, street art issues, dark arts, and tattoo books. There is no better time than now to highlight the power and beauty that the stencil art movement has today. A Stencil Art/Graffiti Issue or Book Concept is a wonderful step forward for Juxtapoz Magazine as one of the leaders of art world. I am interested in this idea and hope that it is something we can see in the near future. Thank you for your time.

(copy/paste below into body of email) and SEND!!!

Send this link to your friends, family, or anyone you know who would love to see this truly happen. I want to thank you for your help with all my heart! If you would like to know more about my ideas for the issue or just send words of encouragement for the initiative send an email to v@papermonster.org

Thank you for your help!!


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