June 14th “Mixed Messages” Group Show @DirtyPilot feat, PaperMonster, Joka, Michael Owen, Ben Frost, and Justin Lovato

June 8, 2010
Next Monday June 14th will be the unveiling of the “Mixed Messages” Group Show at DirtyPilot.com (HERE) which will feature work from PaperMonster, JoKA, Michael Owen, Ben Frost, and Justin Lovato. I have seen a great amount of the work that will be in this online show and it is a great chance to get your hands of work from some talented artists. There are so many different techniques and styles between all 5 of us that I will find it hard to believe that there is something that you don’t fall in love with once you see the entire collection. Stay posted for more information and check out the show flyer below.
For More on DirtyPilot Visit


Left to right: Ben Frost, Michael Owen, PaperMonster, Joka, and Justin Lovato
Click on image to view larger


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