Inprogress Magazine- PaperMonster

May 12, 2010
May 21st is around the corner and “Something Worth Going To” will soon open in Orlando. Inprogress Magazine (HERE) will have full coverage of the entire event. You can view Pete Van Flores III’s feature on PaperMonster and find more about “Something Worth Goin To” over at: http://inprogressmag.com/magz/?p=2804
Via Inprogress Magazine::
I don’t exactly know his secret but it’s like staring at a woman’s personality filled with comical stories and a sort of cartoony filled Karma which started it’s aura as early as the 70’s. That might not make much sense but once you look at his work you’ll more than likely get the same feeling. His work is definitely an inspiration to those attempting to Stencil or Collage and also shows you can get past the very common stencil style and add crazy personality to a piece. I personally love stencil work and though I love Banksy’s work I do get tired of the Banksy clones really quick, there’s always a stencil artist doing a little girl by a soldier, or even a bomb falling by an innocent woman, but when you can be original and still tell a story or just make the viewer smile using your own style I think you really solidify yourself as an artist and person who is capable of inspiring… For more Click HERE

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