Friends: The Art of JOKA

April 16, 2010
There are very few artists that impress me in the art world as many people just want to make something quick and “sell-able.” JOKA (HERE) is one of the handful of people that I am completely blow away with in terms of how much time and just hist entire technique to painting. JOKA’s “brush” is a toothpick(s)! You have to see his work to really understand but each painting is made up of thousands of small dots painted on using toothpicks dipped in paint and then used as a brush. The amount of dedication and time he puts in his work is just remarkable. JOKA just recently opened his second solo show at Art N Souls Studios (HERE) and will be having many more exciting work coming out throughout the year. Check out more of his work below or visit his site over at:

Thousands of small dots.

Click on images to view larger.

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