PaperMonster’s Favorite Things April 2010

April 2, 2010
This months PaperMonster’s Favorite Things for April 2010 is the largest Favorite Things Post YET!! The post goes from (Free—>To—->Most Expensive) and it covers everything you need to have a great start to your spring and even summer. This month we have free games, cherry blossoms, amazing helmets, great shoes, tasty deserts and of course the Ipad. Check them out below and follow the links to your favorite by clicking on the images to view more information. Enjoy
If you have a favorite thing for this month or any mont feel free to shoot it over to v@papermonster.org

Now we begin with the big dog. This game is 100% FREE. It is a new game from Cartoon Network titled “Ultimate Crisis” (HERE) and I have never ever seen a free game on the web with such high quality graphics. You have to see it for yourself. Enjoy. It is FREE.
For more visit:

New up we have another experience that is also 100% Free!! Now if you live in the NYC,NY,NJ area you do not want to miss these beautiful cherry blossom trees that are blooming all of April. They are located in Branch Brook Park in Nothern, NJ near Belleville, NJ (MAP HERE) and it will take your breath away to see these trees. April 13 is a great time to stop by and catch hundreds of these amazing trees. For more info visit:
For a map of the best location to catch the trees click HERE: (MAP HERE)
Next we have Pinkberry, one of the best frozer dishes you could ever have in warm weather. If you are on the east or west coast you can catch Pinkberry’s (HERE) in NYC and throughout California. For More Info and for locations near you visit: http://www.pinkberry.com/
Click on the image above to view more info.
Now this is INSANE!! For $35 bucks you can get your very own Iron Man helmet which actually has a face plate that opens exactly like the helment in the movie. I was just at Target and could not resist this incredible toy that is not just for kids but fits most adult heads!! You can even buy yours ONLINE!! For more info on this Iron Man Helmet: (CLICK HERE)
Next we have a new and extremely fun Ipod Touch and Iphone app: Street Fighter IV. This app is amazing. I can not put it down. It is a bit pricey at $10 but if you love good apps that are worth every penny this one has to be on your device. Also you can play via bluetooth with another Ipod Touch or Iphone. You can read the entire review of the gamer at the following link:

Now this is a Woman’s sneaker and the design by Nike on this Nike Air Royalty Macaron (HERE) is beatiful. If they made the light teal in Men’s sizes I would be the first one there! Check out the complete sneaker design below and it is an example of Nike taking things in the right direction. For more info on this shoe visit:

Lastly, it is April and it can only mean on thing for new gadjets. The Apple Ipad officially releases this month and I am very excited to see how this device evolves. I know many people were dissapointed with the announcement and expected tons more than it offers but this one device is going to really change how you do things from play games, get the news, read magazine, email, and any information that you search for on your current laptop of home computer. Visit http://gizmodo.com/
for all things Ipad and Apple


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