PaperMonster @ StreetArtStickers.com

March 22, 2010
PaperMonster has joined StreetArtStickers.com (HERE) as a contributor covering all things related to stickers including artists profiles, street shots, sticker collaborations and much more. If you are interested in urban art sticker culture this is a site to keep your eyes on.Other contributing artists include Billi Kid, Biafra, Bomit, Busart, Case, Crimson Cisa, Ekser, Endless Canvas, Evil Design, Evoker, Faro, Mad One, Monsta, Newmind, NoseGo, Omino 71, Onevis, Robots Will Kill, Rombos, Skam, Visual Narcotics, and many more. If you would like to be featured on StreetArtStickers.com check out below for contact info.
For Submissions to StreetArtStickers.com feel free to contact PaperMonster or StreetArtStickers at the following email contact:
PaperMonster: v@papermonster.org
StreetArtStickers: info@streetartstickers.com


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