PaperMonster’s Favorite Things March 2010

March 1, 2010
It is March 1st and what better what to start off your month than with PaperMonster’s Favorite Things!! This month we have some of my favorite commercials, songs, and of course.. GAMES. If you have any tips or would like me to feature any of your favorite things feel free to contact PaperMonster at v@papermonster.org

First up we have a commercial that made my day. Hope it makes yours.

Up next we have one of my favorite songs right now. Kevin Rudolf has teamed up with Lil Wayne, Jay Sean, and Birdman on a great song called I Made It (HERE). Great song to drive to.
Next up!! One of the best FREE games I have played in quite some time. CartoonNetwork presents Stark Tower Defense (HERE) which is a action strategy game based on the new cartoon Super Heroe Squad. Quality game that will help you pass tons of hours especially on the EPIC difficulty level. Check it out HERE
Finally we have another amazing iPod/iPhone game game release this time from the talented people over at Gameloft titled: Brothers in Arms 2 (HERE) . Trust me when I say this; iPod Touch games and iPad games are going to be taking over the gaming industry. The quality of these games is incredibly high and the cost to purchase the games is so low if not free. Brothers in Arms 2 has a great campaign/story mode and an even better multiplayer experience where you can play on teams, domination, or deathmatch. I recommend this game to everyone!! Find me in multiplayer as PaperMonster. Check out the full review of the game here:
Paper Monster

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