PaperMonster @ Juxtapoz.com and StencilHistoryX.com

February 3, 2010
Things have been very exciting these past few weeks and I wanted to share two great great sites that recently did some features on PaperMonster. Juxtapoz.com featured the PaperMonster Give and Take Project (HERE) and Stencil History X’s (HERE) Samantha Longhi featured PaperMonster alongside 4 other artists in their Top 5 Stencils Of The Week via Facebook(HERE) . You can catch some direct links to both features below and make sure to check out both Juxtapoz.com and StencilHistoryX.com for some great photos and news about the urban art world.
Also, make sure to check out MyModernMet.com (HERE) which is also a great site if you love great post from all over the web.

Click on image to view PaperMonster’s Give and Take Project Featured @ Juxtapoz.com

Click on image above to visit MyModernMet.com (HERE)

Click on image to visit StencilHistoryX.com


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