PaperMonster @ Art Basel 2009

December 7, 2009
This year’s Art Basel 2009 in Miami, Florida was a fun blast of events, shows, painting, and parties!! I will be posting a huge amount of photos over the course of this and next week so you can see the projects that I worked on as well as many of the fairs and shows that I visited along the way. Below is just a small taste of what is to come!! Enjoy!!
Working on some outdoor “black holes” Detail shot during the live painting session at Urbanite Bistro
Tara McPherson sticker and PaperMonster sticker in Wynwood
Group shot of Art Whino Gallery Artists in attendance for the opening parties!! More to come.

Gallery exhibition photos from Art Whino Gallery’s main exhibition
Stay posted all this week for more!!

One comment

  1. What’s up, this is Pete Van Flores from Inprogress Magazine. It was cool running into you at Art Whino, your work was def top notch…but then again like I told you, I’ve been following your progression for the past year or so. Keep it up bro and hopefully we run into each other at a show in the future. Oh, and I gotta get that sticker you gave me on the Mural I have in my apartment that I was telling you about. I’ll get a picture of that when I get that up. Peace bro and congrads on Art Basel.

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