New PaperMonster T-Shirts

October 12, 2009
PaperMonster’s “Vengeance Clothing” line (HERE) has been updated with several new t-shirt designs. The shirts are all printed on American Apparel and come in Men’s and Women’s sizes from S even up to a XXXL T-Shirt and can be shipped internationally. The quality of the printing process is fantastic and they last through tons of washing. I have some personal favorites that I wear constantly and I hope you enjoy them as well. You can view the entire line (HERE) or catch images below to direct links for the latest designs.
To View The Line Visit:

Whatever She Likes T-Shirt CLICK HERE


Pierced T-Shirt CLICK HERE

Never Again T-Shirt CLICK HERE



Paper Monster

One comment

  1. i got a couple of your shirts a while back. they get compliments just about every time i wear them :) the new ones look dope too.


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