Photos: Raritan River Art Walk and Riverfront Renaissance Center

September 28, 2009
I received some great photos from last weekend’s Raritan River Art Walk. The first set as from the talented Leslie Granda-Hill (HERE) and it is followed by wonderful panoramic photos via Luv1 (HERE). Also, Leon Rainbow and the Riverfront Renaissance Center (HERE) have come together to present a wonderful urban art group show in Millville, NJ which you can still catch until October 10th. Catch more info and images below.
Photos via http://www.lghphoto.com/

Click on images to view larger.
Photos via: http://eluvee.blogspot.com/

Photos via: http://albuscav.us/blog/?p=1213#more-1213

AZMA, Frances Nielah Bradley, Demer, David Foss, Joroko, Will Kasso, Peter Krsko, LUV, Karey Maurice, Karen McDonnell and Tony Cortosi, Willis Nomo, NOSE, Paper Monster, Leon Rainbow, Vince Romaniello, and Burnell Yow


One comment

  1. if you ever do a print of your piece in the 2nd to last photo, please let me know. as well as a shirt with this piece, http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_2HdyfvRKynM/SnL3txy1q0I/AAAAAAAACk8/56KCx7pl9SA/s1600-h/PaperMonster-NeverLeaveMe-Wallpaper.jpg

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