September 19th: Street 2K9 New Brunskwick, NJ presented by Albus Cavus

September 11, 2009
I am extremely excited for this years Streets 2K9 which will take place in New Brunswick, NJ September 19th. Last years mural turned out great with a huge number of artists and artists turning out for the event and this year it will only be bigger. It is always great to paint with great friends and they always push you to go big and step your game up to a new level. Hope to see you there. For more info visit: http://albuscav.us/raritanwall/index.html

PaperMonster @ Streets 2K8

PaperMonster at work.


One comment

  1. i don’t want to come off like a groupie but your work is awesome. i know you probably hear it all the time but i’m one of your biggest fans i even have one of your works to prove it (he’s here). i love it!!! when i saw it at art whino i knew i had to have it and decided that i would decorate my whole house with your works of art. (finances suck at the moment but it’s still a goal) it’s even inspired me to pick up my sketch pad again. i saw that you have been working on some other pieces which are really dope. (ink blot and the never collection..love em!!!)when will they be avaliable for purchase?

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