September: PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

September 9, 2009
This month’s PaperMonster’s Favorite Things are all over the place. First we have the Paul Rodriguez and Incase collaboration (HERE) on a fantastic skate bag which I need to get my hands on. Followed by the skate bag comes the 2009 Dunny Series by Kidrobot (HERE) which features artists in the series including Amanda Visell, Andrew Bell, Amy Ruppel, Brandt Peters, Dalek, Devilrobots, Gary Taxali, Mori Chack, Huck Gee, Jeremyville, Kozik, Kronk, Luke Chueh, Mad, Pon, MR. Shane Jessup, Shawnimal, SupaKitch, Travis Cain, and Thomas Han. Finally we have to wonderful videos; the first by the brilliant minds over at Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. (HERE) which will blow your mind and the second video created by the paper company Scribe (HERE) titled “Mundo de Papel” aka ” World of Paper” is also very well done and inspirational. Check out below for more info:::
Photos Via FormatMag (HERE)

Photo Via Kidrobot (HERE)
To View More Visit: LINK



Photo via Fubiz.net (HERE)


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