Philadelphia: Jinxed Gallery Aug 28th Friends Stoning Friends Group Show feat PaperMonster

August 26, 2009
PaperMonster will join friends such as 2H, Andrea Heimer, Celeste Rapone, Clint Meister, Daniel Fleres, Downer, Erik Siador, Illworx, Jessica Gamble, JoKa, Josh Taylor, Justin Cipa, Leanne Biank, Michael Shapcott, Nose, and Porkchop over at Jinxed Gallery for a great group show. The show opens August 28th and PaperMonster will be there handing out stickers, signing everything from t-shirts to socks or even a simple sticky note if you bring it. The show is a must see if you are in the Philly Area. Check out more info on the gallery and a preview of my pieces for the show.
Click on images to view larger.
Friends Stoning Friends
August 28th
Jinxed Gallery
620 S 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147-1525
PaperMonster- Love Lost
PaperMonster- Inkblot


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