PHOTOS: Washington, DC Edgewood Mural Event

August 19, 2009
Saturday’s Edgewood Mural Event in Washington, DC organized by Albus Cavus (HERE) was a major success. Although I was not there to take part in the beautiful project I stumbled upon photos taken by Pati Gaitan (HERE) and Love Is Kind (HERE) and they are truly stunning. Some incredibly talented artists where present and raised the bar extremely high such as Will Kasso, Chor Boogie, Pose2 aka Maxx Moses, Decoy, Leon Rainbow, Nose, Delve, Luv1, Demer and many more local and international artists. The work and time put into the project is truly inspirational and every time I see photos like these they push me to create. I hope they do the same for you. Visit the mural if you are in the area:

Rhode Island Avenue Center
550 Rhode Island Avenue NE
Washington, DC

Photos By Pati Gaitan (HERE)::

Chor Boogie
Pose 2

Photos Via Love Is Kind (HERE)
Chor Boogie
Will Kasso and Leon Rainbow


One comment

  1. i saw some of these at graffiti and at dc graffiti. are there more pics somewhere?

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