August: PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

August 10, 2009
This month’s PaperMonster’s Favorite Things cover everything that is BIG including giant legs, giant faces, and ever bigger spray paint caps. First on the list comes something that I never thought I would see: A Giant Spray Cap CHAIR (HERE) !! Followed by the chair comes the all new season of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Season 2 (HERE) which is sure to pull out all the stops. Gold Coin’s (HERE) new Summer 09 line looks fantastic and one of my favorite pieces from the collection is the “Stick Up” tee which will soon be turned into a vinyl toy. After the tee we see two wonderful artists all about scale and beauty. First we have JR’s beautiful new piece show at Paris’ Emanuel Perrotin Gallery and it is followed by Insa’s most recent art show in collaboration with Nike. These two artists are truly pioneers of their respective genres and every single time I view one of their works I feel the urge to create. Lastly, as more news comes from the new Iron Man 2 movie I ran into this incredible trailer of an Iron Man Anime movie which just blew me away.
Catch all the images and links to sites below:::

Fat Cap Chair Image Via:
Stick Up! Tee Via Gold Coin Clothing Summer 2009,
Buy One Here: http://shop.followthecoins.com/product/stick-up-tee-turquoise

Fantasy Factory Season 2 Trailer:

JR’s Work part of STAGES organized by Lance Armstrong in Paris. More Info:
Insa’s beautiful entry way for his “Looking for Love” Exhibition:
Via More: http://insaland.com/blog/
Insa x Nike’s “IAM1” Collaboration

Iron Man Anime Via Gold Coin Blog:


Paper Monster

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