MONSTER: LECKOmio for Art Basel Swtizerland

June 8, 2009
I don’t know how many layers of stencils this is or what the correct size is but I know one thing: LECKOmio is a MONSTER stencil artists. The scale of the multilayer stencil blows me away and the detail! Look at how accurate this stencil is compared to the original below. It is stencil art friends like this that push me and motivate me to make more beautiful stencils and continue to push stencil art to new heights!! Whoever says stencil art is not a “legit” art for can jump off a bridge right now.
Send LECKOmio an email at: leck2000@web.de and tell him how much you enjoy his work or just say hello.
Stefan Winterle (LECKOmio) next to his stencil art piece.
Original Photos Reference for the stencil piece shown above.


  1. wow victor! thanks for this article…
    i am cleaning my studio right now, after cutting my monster. for your information, i`ve counted the layers. it`s 318 stencils, and took me about 250 hours.
    peace, LECKO

  2. Wow. This stencil is amazing that’s some serious time to put in for art but it paid off. Great job LECKOmio

  3. So Sick!!! This is some serious stencil cutting! Congrats!!

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