Artist Profile: Stefan Winterle (LECKOmio) Art Basel/Carhartt Gallery June 6th

June 5, 2009
While I am preparing several new pieces for some upcoming group shows I wanted to showcase work from one of my great stencil art friends Stefan Winterle (aka LECKOmio.) He has work in an upcoming group show at the Carhartt Gallery during Art Basel in Switzerland opening June 6th. Stefan (HERE)will show along with legends such as Seen, Blek le Rat (my role model), Flying Fortress (my dream collab partner), and Alexone. You can catch some of his amazing stencil work below. Fore more info visit: http://www.stefanwinterle.de/

Paper Monster


  1. Wow his stuff is amazing. If only i could see it at the Carhartt gallery.

  2. hey victor! thanks for your kind words. the opening was insane, and the show is the blast!

  3. …by the way. flying fortress is on his way to new york.

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