Website Roundup: NotCot.org and StencilHistoryX.com

May 21, 2009
As I am working on setting up for a fantastic project this weekend, I wanted to share with you some sites that you should definitely bookmark if you are into stencil art, graffiti, or any type of design. The first is http://www.stencilhistoryx.com/ which is a blog covering stencil artists from all over the world as they push stencil art forward into new paths and levels of creativity. Stencil History X is also a fantastic book for anyone interested in learning more about stencils. The second site I would like to share is http://www.notcot.org/ and this site feature a huge number of postings on anything and everything related to whatever your creative outlet might be. Both sites have done fantastic posts on PaperMonster and I am extremely happy and honored to be featured in each site. Check below for more info.


Paper Monster

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