PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

May 5, 2009
PaperMonster has just turned into Oprah, as I want to share with everyone some of my favorite things. I will be adding this post to the site and hopefully every month I will have some great things to share that I really enjoy or feel you may like. Check out more below and enjoy!!

Nixon: The Newton Watch (http://www.nixonnow.com/home/)
Such a smooth and stylish watch. It only takes 1 day to get used to telling time on two small circles.

Nike RT1 High (http://store.nike.com)
Image via sneakernews.com

If you can not afford those Air Yeezys ($700)  you have been dreaming about these are the next best thing.

Amazing website full of wonders and strange things from all over the world. You can be on this site forever. Visit: http://oddee.com/

Royksopp “The Girl and the Robot” featuring Robyn

This song is one of my favorites and Royksopp is a fantastic group with three powerful albums so far and more to come. The intro was used in the last PaperMonster stencil video.


Paper Monster


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