Senses Lost Interview: PaperMonster

April 25, 2009

I recently had a chance to sit down and do an interview with SenseLost.com (HERE). Senses Lost is a fantastic site for art news and everything involving urban art and graffiti. I think the interview turned out really well and it gives people a chance to see and learn new sides of PaperMonster. You can read the entire interview at the following link or click on the image below to visit the site:::

:::Via SensesLost.com:::

“One of my major goals is to inspire and motivate new people to do what I did in taking a risk and an active role to ultimately share what they can create to the world.”-PaperMonster

“With each painting that travels around the world I can’t physically be there next to it at all times to explain what it means but I want the audience to create their own stories and interpretations of what they see and share their love for my work with other people. One of my favorite things is to receive emails or messages from people that truly love what I do and share it with students they teach or their friends. That is when you know that your art has power and really matters.”-PaperMonster


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