April 9th: Melbourne “Your Kid Can’t Do This” Group Show feat PaperMonster

April 9, 2009
If you are in the Melbourne area do not miss out on “Your Kid Can’t Do This” (HERE) which is a traveling stencil group show full of powerful stencil art which opens this Thursday April 9th at the Famous When Dead Gallery (Melbourne, Australia.) The show features art from internationally recognized artists such as::: Orticanoodles (ITA) Vexta (AUS) Tesura (AUS) Deed (UK) A1one (Iran) Lucamaleonte (ITA) Joshua Smith (AUS) Kirpy (AUS) Papermonster (USA) Koleszar (USA) Haha (AUS) Czarnobyl (GER) Penny (UK) Soule (USA) Snik (UK) Adam5100 (USA) Eyeski (UK) E.L.K (AUS) Jamin (AUS) Spizz (FR) LECKOmio (GER) Jef Aerosol (FR) Byrd (AUS)

Click on the flier below for more information or visit: http://yourkidcantdothis.com/


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