Upcoming Group Shows feat PaperMonster

March 19, 2009


As I am working on several new pieces (very exciting) there are several group shows with will be opening in the next several weeks. The first is “Your Kid Can’t Do This” which will travel to Melbourne and if you are in Australia you will not want to miss out on this amazing collection of artists. The second is the “Also Known As: Bandanna Art Show” which will take place in Austin, Texas and will showcase a powerful group of artists all customizing Bandannas with original art. Check out more information below::::

For More Info Visit: http://yourkidcantdothis.com/

Melbourne 16th—26th April 2009 Famous When Dead Gallery opening night — Friday 17th April

Also Known As:: Bandanna Art Show
Opening: Thursday March 19th
Hours: 8 – 12
Lucky Flame Gallery
Formerly Obsolete Industries World Headquarters
2207 E 5th St
Austin, TX 78702
Web: www.BandanaArtShow.com
-Paper Monster

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