Feb 6th: One Nite, Two Worlds (Australia and Philadelphia, PA USA) Group Shows

February 5, 2009
This upcoming Friday, February 6th marks the opening of two group shows celebrating stencil art almost halfway across the globe. The “Your Kid Can’t Do This” group show in Australia and the “Cut Copy” group show in Philadelphia are bringing together some of the worlds most talented stencil artists. Being an artist is extremely exciting because your work can be at multiple places at once and you get to touch whole different audience hundreds of miles away. If you have the chance do not miss out on these shows. Check out some photos below of several of the pieces up in each show and some street stickers I posted during my adventures through Philly. Click on the images to view larger.

Philadelphia, PA USA


Australia: Amazing group of artists and great friends. Organized by E.L.K.

PaperMonster-Don’t Go

Paper Monster

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