SITES/BLOGS ROUND-UP-Jan9th Group Show and Future Projects

January 9, 2009
This Friday, Jan 9th marks the opening the Word Up? group show. It is a show that you will not want to miss. You can catch links and images of sites covering culture, arts, toys and music that have covered the group show thus far. Also, I wanted to mention this very exciting show taking place in Australia titled “Your Kid Can’t Do This” featuring works from:
The stencil group show will exhibit a huge variety of stencil graffiti that truly shows the beautiful spectrum of stencil art and the potential for this art form. Check out more info on this show and Word Up? opening Jan 9th at LE Gallery.

Visit: http://yourkidcantdothis.com/

For more detail and bios on stencil artists.
Visit: http://toysrevil.blogspot.com/
For amazing toy coverage and art news.

Check out: http://formatmag.com
for street culture news covering music, shows, sneakers. and much more.
ToyCyte: http://www.toycyte.com/
is another incredibly site covering custom and artist toys as well as other incredible projects.
Finally: Killahbeez (http://www.killahbeez.com/)
has coverage on everything you can imagine from movies to music to everything related to fashion and technology.

There are many more sites such as:
all of which are amazing sites and you should definitely stay posted to them on a daily basis!!
-Paper Monster

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