January 9th Show &Tell Gallery “Word Up?” Group Show Feat. PaperMonster

December 31, 2008

“Word Up?” Show & Tell Gallery’s Group Show featuring artists PaperMonster, Ghost, Dixon, Omen, Skam, and Case opens Friday Jan 9th in collaboration with LE Gallery. The group show starts off 2009 in a great way showcasing new works from each artist. PaperMonster’s new work has grown larger with bolder textures and detail. Each piece explores the harmony between chaos and beauty with titles such as “True Identity” “The Beast Within” and “If He Only Knew” that dive into the secrets and hidden mysteries within women. Negative space and shadows heighten the degree of the unknown. Each stencil art piece allows the audience to interact and actively digest the stories contained in each painting making for a powerful visual experience.

You can catch images and additional information on the group show below::

Opening January 9th 7-10pm
LE Gallery
1183 Dundas Street
West Toronto, ON
Canada M6J1X3
For pricing info contact:

“True Identity” 22″x28″ Stencil art collage on canvas.

“If He Only Knew” 22″x28″ Stencil art collage on canvas.

“The Beast Within” 22″x28″ Stencil art collage on canvas.

“Closet Case” 20″ x 24″ Stencil art collage on canvas.
“Within” 16″x 20″ Stencil art collage on canvas.
“Approach” 16″x20″ Stencil art collage on canvas.
“Who Are You?” 20″x24″ Stencil art collage on canvas.
Find more info at http://www.showandtellgallery.com
-Paper Monster


  1. Hi………
    Very cool your blog!
    Great! Keep writing…….
    Good week………
    Wishing you ” A Happy New Year”

  2. […] see more here […]

  3. […] of the opening below and if you have not seen the show yet catch more info and visit the gallery (HERE). For more photos visit: […]

  4. Was wondering if you guys do baby room.. my son is 6 months old but will be moving to a new room in 5 months.. and I need something more interesting then what he has now.. it will still be baby stuff, but with lots of colours.
    Let me know if you guys do that. I would appreciate it.

  5. I really enjoy looking at all the art work posted on this blog. I am a little confused though. Is PaperMonster a person or a group of people? I would be very grateful to talk to the artist or artists of these works so I can properly give them credit for their work. I am printing out copies of “True Identity” and “If Only He Knew” for a class assignment. Please get back to me asap! Thanks!

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