DirtyPilot YearOneRewind Book featuring PaperMonster (Spring 2009)

November 24, 2008
DirtyPilot.com has had a fantastic year and they are currently working on the book YearOneRewind which will showcase all of the artists that have shown within the gallery including PaperMonster.You can catch the cover below and get more information over at: http://dirtypilot.om/

This hardcover measures 8″x10″. A 96 page book is profusely illustrated with work by Albert Reyes, Bravo Jett,
CERN YMI, Chris “Daze” Ellis, Chris Stain, Daniel Johnston, Dennis Mcnett, Enrique Martinez, GHOST,Greg Gossel, Justin Bua, Kime Buzzelli, Michael Krueger, PaperMonster, and Stephen Tompkins.
Coming Spring “09″!! Distributed by LAST GASP.

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