GEE Magazine October 08 Issue features PaperMonster

October 20, 2008

GEE Magazine (here::: http://www.geemag.de/index.php) is an incredible magazine for anyone interested in gaming. The magazine is in German and they recently covered the “I am 8-bit” show in their October Issue. They chose some of their favorites from the show and you can catch some images from the magazine below and I have the translated write-up on PaperMonster below. If you read or speak German I would definitely suggest you subscribe to the magazine::

For More Visit::: http://www.geemag.de/index.phphttp://www.geemag.de/index.php::::::
The original Metroid (The Return of Samus) series as well as Mario Paint (SNES) are two games which are polar opposites yet they stand out in my childhood the most. I chose Samus as a character to immortalize purely based on her beauty and aggression. It is incredible how much emotion can come through a person’s eyes and Samus embodies this hard outer shell of a warrior with such delicate beauty underneath. Mario Paint was one of my favorite games because it allowed me to create everything from beautiful pictures to music. It was all packaged in this colorful gaming experience that continues to inspired me in terms of how I want people to feel when they see one of my paintings. The colors and sounds pop out immediately and it motivated me to express myself as an artist even if it sounded like a horrible ring-tone. Both games express what I want my children to grow up with in terms of having an incredible imagination and never being afraid to tackle something that is greater or bigger than yourself. Games have shaped who we are and how we can find strength in the puzzles we solve in life to succeed.


-Paper Monster

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