7th Graders ROCK!!

October 16, 2008

I receive a lot of different types of emails everyday but there is one recent email that really stands out. I received an email from Leah, a 7th grade teacher in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has been showing her class my work so that they can gain inspiration for their art projects. Leah sent over come pictures of what her class has put together and I think they are fantastic. It really brought a great feeling that my work is touching people and serving as a source of motivation. In our daily lives there are few times were people really show appreciation for what you do and it is great to see and hear kinds words. Leah is also a great sculptor and you can check out here work here:: http://www.wallerfoushee.com/

Here 7th grade class is now making paper monster and I can’t wait to see what they put together next!! Thanks Leah!!

Check out pictures below.

7th Grader Chapel Hill, NC
7th Grader Chapel Hill, NC
7th Grader Chapel Hill, NC



  1. Too SWEET!

  2. V, that is so cute!

  3. thats awesome man. So cool to see the little people get inspired and crank it out. Good stuff.

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