The Grind 2.0 Skate Deck Auction feat PaperMonster

October 6, 2008
The Grind 2.0 (Here) is a great benefit art auction for the Swift Cantrell Skate Park. The artists list of participants who created a one of a kind custom deck for the show include:::

Dave Kinsey, David Ellis, Dan Baldwin, Jake Johanson, Ashley Montague, Steve Caballero, Amy Sol, Scott Musgrove, Greg Lamarche, Jason Thielke, John Malloy, Laura Brink, Joey Remmers, D*Face, Arik Roper, Mear One, Billy Mode, Chris Stain, Joshua Krause, Marion Bolognesi, Steven Daily, Nathan Spoor, Joshua Ellingson, Dan Witz, Revise, Chris Ryniak, Helen Garber, Jason Maloney, Jason Limon, Josh Keyes, Jim Phillips, Tara McPherson, THH70, Steven Lopez, Edmund Wyss, Germs, Allison Torneros, Eric Bailey, Buff Monster, David Hale, Nate Van Dyke, Nic Klein, David Choong Lee, Jef Aerosol, Dan Brereton, Jeremy Wagner, Kris Marchovich, Kenji Hirata, Mike Ming, Jason Noto/Morning Breath, Charlie Owens, JRF, Aiko Nakagawa, Greg Gossel, Paper Monster, Tessar Lo, Chris Reccardi, Amanda Lynn, Cope2, Nash Hogan, David Flores, Jon Foster, Michael Hyp, Rick Reese, Dan Grzeca, Tony Larson, David Carson, Bishop203…and more being added soon.

To place a bid email: auction@therabbitholegallery.com
containing the name of the artist, the number of the piece in our on-line gallery, you full name, your phone number, your email address, and your bid.
Bid increment is $50, please adhere to this policy, otherwise your bid will not be accepted.

You can catch the entire show on Opening Nite::
October 10th:: Rabbit-Hole Gallery – 195 Arizona Avenue L/W 3, Atlanta, GA 30307
Catch more info at: http://www.therabbitholegallery.com/grind_info.html
For a preview of the show and decks up for bid. Also check out some of my favorite decks from the auction below.

Click on the flier for more info.

PaperMonster deck up for auction.
Jason Thielke

Tara McPherson

Kenji Hirata
Mario Bolognesi

-Paper Monster


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